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Holiday Information

The studio will be closed from 24 June to 30 July 2024 due to a trip to Catalonia. The studio will reopen on 31 July 2024. If you want to come to the studio, we will see you in August! *Because of the overseas location, deliveries of online shop purchases will also be made after August. Thank you for your understanding.

We produce and sale Japanese and European designed ceramics

L'artesanna is a ceramic artist from Barcelona, Spain, and Ryo is a web designer from Abeno, Osaka. We create and sell new Japanese dining style by making vessels that feel like Barcelona and Europe.



Dishes are one of the most used tableware, and comfortable use is... 

  • L.A

    I asked for a personalised gift, something with a lot of sentimental value. L'artesanna not only handled the order with great care, but the end result was much better than I expected. Thank you, Ceramics Tocoton It's great.
  • T. Y

    It is very light and feels good in the hand when you hold it. The soft, pliable atmosphere and gentle colours are soothing.
  • H.Iさん

    I use this beautiful little dish to decorate my home.
  • H.O

    I wanted a flower vase for my store, so I chose one based on taste and sensitivity. When I actually arranged them, they were just as I had imagined. If I had a wish, I would have liked to choose from more varieties.
  • T.B

    I really like L'artesanna's handmade hair clip because it gives a simple yet elegant touch to my hairstyle. It is easy to put on and always clips on well without falling out.
  • S.B

    As expected, my cat had a great curiosity about this vase. This vase has given me wonderful inspiration. Thank you very much.

  • S.K

    I bought it because of its mysterious shape and the warmth of the clay, like a haniwa (clay figurine). I bought it because of its mysterious shape like a haniwa (clay figurine) and the warmth of the soil. It creates a nice atmosphere.
  • T.Y

    It's light and easy to hold. It is also easy to serve anything, whether it is sweets or teriyaki yellowtail.
  • C.Y

    Both Western and Japanese flowers look good in this vase.
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