About us

Welcome to our webshop, Toguei Tocoton. Thank you for taking your time to visit us and take a look at our ceramics.
We are Ryo and Anna. We decided to join our passion for craft and design to create this ceramic shop.
Ryo is a designer based in Osaka, with a long experience in the web design world. He has a special interest on handmade things, and how it helps to our daily life.
Anna is a ceramist from Barcelona, living in Japan since 2019. L’Artesanna is her craftswoman’s name, it is a combination with the words “artisan” and “Anna".

All works are designed and made by l’Artesanna.
Ryo designs and update our website, also his advises and knowledge are essential for Anna's work.
Our mission is to create and deliver pieces for those who want to use them with their daily lives, such as tableware, decoration, accessories, etc. With unique colours and forms, we hope you can create a calm atmosphere, a gentle space.

Please enjoy our ceramic works that combine the sensibilities of Barcelona and Japan, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for visiting us!

Tougei Tocoton information:
Open 10:00 – 18:00
Closed Friday and Sunday
Contact Please contact us from here.
tel: + 81-90-5254-6344
Adress: 12-1-506 Ikutama-cho Tennouji-ku Osaka city, Japan 5430071