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陶芸Tocoton (Ceramics Tocoton)

Sun dish

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Size: Diameter: 10cm approx.
Weight: 90-70g
Attention: -

Small dish with a solar motif. 

Each plate in this series is hand-painted and is a unique piece. 

The white lines represent the Sun's rays, showing the different lights we can see during the day: the Sun rising, the Sun at its highest point, the mid-afternoon sun, the sunset, etc. 

In the Mediterranean countries, there are many days without clouds, the sky looks very blue. Also, the Sun reflects the intense colours of the plants, the roof tiles of the houses and everything around. 

These plates remind us of this light that bathes us every day, one of the most important sources for life and Nature. 

Our recommendation: if you want to give a warm touch to your home or the space you are decorating, this piece is ideal because it combines white and brown. 

You can use it only as decoration or put small objects like jewellery or desk accessories.
In light places, you will get a Mediterranean and calm interior.