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Small leaf

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Size: Length: 5.4~9.3cm approx.
Weight: 4~18.8g
Attention: -

This is a piece made from a Pachira plant leaf, a plant that we have at home and from time to time we prune to let it always grows strong and in good health.

Each piece is different from each others because all of them are handmade and show the marks of this process. You can choose one of the following colours: cream, white, brown or clear green.

Our recommendation: This work has been created thinking in Autumn when the leaves fall and the trees and plants give delicious fruit that we eat for dessert or to snack between hours. You can use this ceramic leaf as a stand for chopsticks or cutlery when you are eating small snacks with your friends and family.

It is also suitable as a decoration, a stand for a toothbrush or a ladle.