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陶芸Tocoton (Ceramics Tocoton)


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Size: Diameter: 3.2cm approx. / Height: 5cm approx.
Weight: 67g
Attention: -

Piece made with white clay, unglazed earthenware.

This piece has been designed as a weight to hold the papers. This piece can also be used as a decorative object, especially in small spaces that need light colours to brighten the atmosphere.

Its shape and colour are based on the image of the columns of Greek temples, which today we see in white, although in the past they were painted in bright colours. No glaze has been applied to this piece to give the impression that it is made of stone.

The pure white colour lends elegance and nobility to this object. In addition, the texture of the clay and the handwork can be appreciated.

L'artesanna's interest in the history of art and the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean, such as the Greeks, serve as a source of inspiration for pieces like this one. The column is an architectural element symbolizing strength. With this piece, the ceramist wants to convey the importance of our ancestors, who were strong enough to build the world we know today.

Our recommendation: if you exchange notes with the person you live with, you can use this piece to hold the paper on the table. Sometimes it is these details that make our day.