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陶芸Tocoton (Ceramics Tocoton)

Oval-shaped plate

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Size: Width: 17cm / Length: 25cm
Weight: 500g approx.
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Oval-shaped plate without decoration

The large oval shape of the plate allows for many food combinations, including oriental cuisine (curry, chahan, sushi) or western cuisine (meat with salad, rice with fish, etc.). You can also use this piece to store vegetables or fruit, as it is not as deep as a bowl, the food does not get damp and does not rot as quickly.

For those who are creative in the kitchen

This piece is ideal for people who like to cook and make different presentations at the table. Different types of food can be arranged side by side on the same dish and can be mixed easily. 

It is also an ideal piece to present dishes to share, such as salad, sushi, chicken wings... There are all the combinations you can imagine!

As the plate has a high rim, it can also be used for food with sauce or cream. 

For busy people

If you are a person with little time for eating and washing up, with this plate you will be able to arrange a large amount of food, and you will only have to wash one plate. 

If you usually eat pre-frozen dishes, just put your lunch or dinner on the plate after cooking it in the microwave, and you will have a well-presented but quick and easy-to-prepare dish. 

A simple but effective design

These undecorated dishes have been designed to give the food the spotlight. They can be used with many types of food, and because they are not flat, they can contain sauce and liquid.

 Although they do not have a patterned design, as they are enamelled by hand, the enamel itself creates unrepeatable nuances, so each piece is unique. 

The glossy enamel will give a fresh feel to the food, as it will make the colours stand out more and the food looks more appetizing. The white dish is highly recommended for seasons such as summer or spring, as it combines very well with the colours of fresh vegetables and fruit. 

The grey dish is ideal for serving rice, as it will create a nice contrast to the immaculate white of the rice. It also goes well with autumn and winter foods such as boiled potato, baked meat and oden.

This piece is made of Shigaraki earthenware, which is known for its strength. It is a dish that can withstand knocks and falls.

If you have limited space in the kitchen, you can store smaller dishes on top of this piece. 

Moreover, if you buy more than one oval plate, you can stack them perfectly because they are all made with the same mould. 

The dishes are available in different colours and types of earthenware. They can be easily combined with each other. 

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