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陶芸Tocoton (Ceramics Tocoton)

Mediterranean Little House

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This little house was designed with the importance of home in mind. We sometimes forget to spend time at home, the cosiest space in our busy lives. There we rest, meet family, friends and ourselves, laugh, cry, watch films, read books or cook our favourite meals.

It is the perfect size for small spaces, so it can be placed anywhere - on the doorstep, next to a book, by the bedside, next to a vase of flowers, etc. The white colour also makes it easy to match a variety of atmospheres, making it an ideal gift for those who personalize their home.

The Mediterranean Little House is handmade, so each piece is different and unique. Before you leave home, you might leave a note to your partner, your children or yourself to remind you of something or to write a nice word. Don't let a leftover letter gently placed on your desk fly away. Leave this little Mediterranean home for you. It's a home for you to take a breather, and we hope you'll decorate it.