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陶芸Tocoton (Ceramics Tocoton)

Dryflower vase

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This little piece has been designed for lovers of dried flowers. It has a hole in the bottom, so it can only hold flowers that do not need water. Its natural colours match very well with dried flowers, which are usually in muted tones. This piece, as it does not have bright colours, does not steal the limelight from the flowers, and complements them very well.

If you prefer, you can use this piece as a paperweight. It is perfect to put on top of the note we leave before leaving home, to greet our partner or family, or to leave the shopping list written to your roommate.

It is also an ideal object for those who have their personal space decorated with earthy or neutral tones, as it will help to create a relaxed and warm atmosphere, even if it is winter.

Given the small dimensions of this piece, even if your flat is very small, you will be able to enjoy the calm atmosphere that dried flowers provide. It fits anywhere, you can put it on a shelf, in the entrance hall, on the table next to the bed... There are no excuses for not decorating your home delicately!

To choose the colours for this small vase, we have been inspired by traditional Catalan ceramics. The combination of brown and creamy white is found in many pieces, especially in tableware, as they enhance the colours of the food.

These two contrasting colours create a harmonious balance when you look at the piece, while, as we have already said, they accompany the tones of the dried flowers and blend in with them.