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陶芸Tocoton (Ceramics Tocoton)

Dark Flowerpot

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This small vase has very dark tones, with shades of green. The green glaze has been applied on top of the black clay, so depending on the direction of the sunlight, the colour of the piece varies considerably.

The contrast of the colour of this piece with the flowers will make them stand out, giving them more life and making them even more beautiful to look at.

This ceramic piece has small dimensions, so people living in small spaces can also enjoy their favourite flowers. Even if your shelves or tables are small, there's sure to be room for this vase that will complement your home's décor beautifully.

The simplicity of the shape of this vase complements the infinite natural shapes of the flowers very well. This piece is designed to give the flowers a home to be admired, without baroque designs around them to distract the eye of the beholder. In addition, the base of the vase is wide, making it difficult for it to tip over and fall over.