Política de reembolso

About returns and exchanges

Each piece is made by hand. Ceramic works are also influenced by the seasons. Therefore, the shape and size may be slightly different.
Therefore, in principle, we cannot accept orders canceled after the product has been shipped, returned or exchanged as defective products other than damage, or returned or exchanged due to customer's convenience even if it is unopened.

If you are not eligible for returns or exchanges, the following cases will occur.

  • If the delivered product is different from your order or is not defective
  • When the product is different from the image, etc. due to customer's convenience
  • When the product is damaged or scratched by the customer
  • If more than 7 days have passed since the item arrived

In addition, our shop does not take any responsibility in case of damage to the product caused by the following situations. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Damage caused by not completing receipt due to customer's convenience even though it was delivered once on the specified delivery date and time
  • Even though we have sent you an email notifying you that the product has been shipped, the damage caused by the extended receipt date of the product due to the continued absence of the customer.
  • Damage caused by an extension of the delivery date of the product without responding to the notification from our shop or the delivery company regarding the delivery of the product
  • Other damage caused by customer's convenience

We make every effort to ensure products and shipping, but we accept returns and exchanges of products that fall under the following two points, such as misdelivered products and defective products, as an exception. Please contact us as soon as possible by email or phone and return it by cash on delivery.
If you wish to return the item, please contact us within 7 days after the item arrives.

  • If the item is damaged
    Damage refers to a state in which the original shape is crushed or cracked to the extent that it cannot be retained.
    In this case, please contact both the shipping company and our shop.
  • If you receive a product that is different from the one you ordered
    Please contact us.

We will inform you of the return address information when returning the product when you contact us.
Please be sure to contact us in advance if you wish to return it.
In addition, refunds will be account refunds. Details will be announced when you contact us.