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Ancient Greece flowerpot

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Size: Diameter: 9cm approx. / Rim diameter: 10.5cm / Height: 24.4cm approx.
Weight: 1.600g
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This vase is inspired by images from books about the legends of Ancient Greece. Although Greek culture has many artistic styles, when I was little I saw objects and architecture with this kind of pattern in the pictures, and they transported me to a fantastic world. With this vase I want to put a little bit of this legend world in our lives, because I think the imagination is something that we need to enjoy.
The vase is built with coils and is a unique piece, it is not part of any mass production. The blue line is cobalt oxid, painted with a brush.
Our recommendation: it is an ideal piece for places where you want to highlight the decoration, such as entrances or halls. At home it can be placed in a strategic place to give clarity to the room.