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"Ash Lights" box

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Size: Width: 8.7 cm approx. / Height: 5.5 cm approx.
Weight: 88.4g
Attention: Don't pour water inside it

This little box is part of the collection "Ash Lights." The colour has been created naturally by firing the vase with charcoal and rice skin. From the darkness of the ashes and the force of the flames, has emerged this piece of a mysterious character.

"Ash Lights" is a collection inspired by my childhood memories of camping with my family. We slept inside a caravan, and we could see how it was getting darker, the last remains of the day, without the city lights.

Our recommendation: you can use it as a decoration, as the walls of the vase have unique colours and shapes that make it look like a small sculpture. Also, you can put a little flower inside it; it will make a nice contrast with the dark tones of the piece.