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Small container

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Size: Diameter: 6.5~7.5cm approx. / Height: 3~4cm approx.
Weight: 65~80g
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When I started to make ceramics, I kept all the pieces of low quality and I used them to organize my things. Instead of using plastic boxes, I chose the pieces that best suited the objects I wanted to have well ordered. With time, I have continued using this method, with my pieces and with the ones I have been buying from other ceramists.

These small containers have been designed to keep your space tidy while decorating different areas of the house. The objects of our daily life should not only be useful, but also be in accordance with the atmosphere we want to create in our home to feel comfortable and happy at any time.

It is available in four colors (matte white, glossy white, brown and light green).

Our recommendation: you can use the bowls to store small objects of the same type, so you will always know where to look for them when you need them. You can also use them as tableware.