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Little vase 8

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Size: Diameter: 8.3cm approx. / Height: 10.5cm approx. / Diameter of neck: 1.4cm approx.
Weight: 199g
Attention: -

This piece is part of the Little vase collection. It has been designed in a small format to be used in any space. Its rounded and imperfect shape complements very well with the natural and infinite lines of the flowers that can be placed on it.

The glaze is a traditional Japanese colour named “ame” (amber, caramel). This muted tone makes a nice contrast with the vivid colours of a flower, so it is a good choice if you want to highlight a plant decoration.

It can be used as a vase or simply as a decorative element. Because it is glazed on the inside, it can also be used as a jug for water, sake, or even as a sauceboat.